Black metal roof

Our dealer was asked by the owner of the house for a while, “Whether the black metal roof will absorb more heat and make the house warmer?”. This is the owner of the house from Russia, and he is very concerned about this issue.

The answer involves two factors: roof covering material and roof thermal cushion

  • First of all, the color and finish of metal roofing will affect its heat absorption. Metals that are directly exposed to the sun are hot, but ferrous metals are hotter. This is also certified by Energy Star.
  • Although the black metal roof will absorb more heat. But once the sun stops shining directly on the roof, the lightest material will lose heat the fastest. The lightest roof is metal, so it cools the fastest. Once the sun stops shining on the metal roof, it will quickly return to the same temperature as the surrounding air. For heavier materials, such as slate or concrete, their quality means they can hold heat for longer. The longer the metal roof stays hot, the more heat is transferred to the building below.
  • JINHU stone-coated steel roofing focuses more on maintaining the right indoor temperature rather than transferring heat into the room. While black will absorb heat, a good roof underlayment will prevent it from dissipating heat into the interior. Therefore, homeowners can choose a black metal roof with confidence.

Interlocking tile roof

JINHU black metal roofing panel:

Shingle stone coated metal roof tile
Shingle stone coated metal roof tile
Rainbow stone coated metal roof tile
Rainbow stone coated metal roof tile
Wood shake coated metal roof tile
Wood shake coated metal roof tile

The roof thermal cushion is an important structure to maintain indoor temperature. Poor quality or damaged roof cushions will cause indoor and outdoor gas convection, resulting in the load of the air conditioning system or the useless work of the heater.

The black roof is a lot of different home styles and homeowners’ hobbies, and it can match any wall siding that the homeowner likes. The main reason for JINHU’s black metal roof is the black stone coating on the surface, which is natural black stone sand, not simply paint the metal black.

Everyone knows that the heat absorption or thermal conductivity of stone is very low. When the sun goes down, the stone will slowly release heat. Therefore, the stone-coated roof is very friendly to areas with large temperature differences between day and night.

JINHU black metal roof pros and cons:


  • Unique matte and perfectly imitates the eye-catching appearance of other roof tiles
  • Heat reflection helps ice and snow melt faster
  • Durability, longevity and low maintenance
  • Metal can be recycled
  • Lightweight materials, little pressure on the house structure
  • Fireproof, non-flammable
  • Low noise (thanks to the stone coating on the surface)
  • Matte non-slip surface


  • Higher initial cost

JINHU recently sorted out the customer’s problems:

1. Will the black metal roof makes the house hotter?

For ordinary metal roofs, darker colors naturally absorb more heat than lighter ones, so it is correct that a black metal roof is hotter than any light-colored roof.

The longer the ordinary metal roof is exposed to direct sunlight, the more heat it absorbs. This means that there is more heat transfer when in your home. In winter, this is very good, but in summer, it is a painful thing. The best way to avoid this is to ventilate under the roof to let the wind take away the excess heat.

JINHU black stone-coated steel roof solves this problem well, and the stone coating on the surface will reflect part of the ultraviolet rays. And it will store some heat. When the sun sets and the temperature drops, you will find it slowly releasing heat. This can reduce the impact of temperature differences on the room.

2. Is the ferrous metal roof energy-efficient?

Ordinary black metal roofing is not conducive to energy saving. A large amount of heat is transferred to the room, increasing the pressure of the air conditioner.

JINHU black stone coated steel roof solves this problem well, and the stone coating on the surface plays a good role in warming in winter and cooling in summer.

3. Will the black metal roof fade?

Ordinary black metal roofs only need to be painted, and the current roofing technology ensures a longer service life of the paint. However, in the service life of the metal roof, multiple maintenance and repainting is unavoidable trouble for the homeowner.

The water, pollutants, and other chemicals in the atmospheric states surrounding the roof will eventually react with it. The pigments in the paint will change due to exposure, causing the color to become lighter. There are many factors that cause discoloration of ordinary metal roofs:

Ultraviolet rays

This is one of the external factors that damage the black metal roof the most. It is recognized that prolonged exposure will cause the paint to fade.


Exposure to the sun means high temperature, and temperature will increase the speed of some chemical reactions. Even peel the paint from the metal.


Humid air can cause paint to peel.

The JINHU stone-coated steel roof once again solved this problem. It is very difficult to fade the black stone coating on the surface.

JINHU’s tip: Use a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the ceiling, wall, and floor of each room. See which surfaces provide the most heat for a given space.