R & D Capabilities

JINHU R&D tasks

The main task of research and development is to provide positive and forward-looking support for JINHU’s various businesses and products, guide product development and innovation, better serve the current market and enhance our competitive advantage with partners all over the world. Our secondary person is to contribute to the development and growth of JINHU through technological innovation and realize the development and penetration of new markets.

According to JHL’s development and next steps in the metal roof tile market, the company must develop unique breakthrough technologies and products to meet the challenging needs of customers.

JINHU R&D Department:

To meet the needs of customers and improve the competitiveness of partners. The R&D department focuses on the development of other functions of metal roof tiles and has accumulated a lot of experience and technology. At the same time, maintain permanent contact with customers and look forward to the future to promote technological progress and the prediction of emerging markets.

JHL has started to produce stone-coated wall insulation board, the surface layer is a stone-coated aluminum-zinc steel plate, and the interior is filled with insulation materials. Meet the needs of customers in cold regions.

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