JHL stone coated metal roof tile

Regardless of the style, color, or surface treatment of your current roof, JHL stone-coated metal roof tiles can further enhance the appearance of your home. Whether you want the appearance of shingles, clay bricks, cedar, or slate, you can choose JHL, which will highlight the beauty of your home and improve the efficiency of your home.

Stone coated metal roofing


JHL Stone coated metal roof tiles implementation of international standards, strong surface shear performance, scientific lap technology, and construction technology so that it has a stable wind resistance, is a safe building material.


JHL Stone coated metal roof tiles surface stone grain and scientific lap technology can effectively reduce and absorb the noise brought by heavy rainfall. The material has good resistance to ice and snow.


JHL Stone coated metal roof tiles compared with the traditional roof, are light weight, can play a role in reducing the burden to the building so that the building will not be under heavy pressure, so it has better resistance to strong earthquakes.


JHL Stone coated metal roof tiles are an inorganic building material made of the aluminized zinc steel plate and colored stone particles. It can effectively resist the impact brought by hail and reduce the damage caused to the roof.


JHL Stone coated metal roof tiles are an inorganic material with aluminized zinc steel plate and colored stone grains as one. It has fire-resistant properties, which can reduce the damage caused by natural disasters and prevent them in advance.


about us

Shandong JINHU Aluminum Group, founded in 2003, is an enterprise group focusing on the production, processing, and sales of color-coated aluminum coil, aluminum composite panels, Stone coated metal roof tile and other steel materials as the core business.

To become a JINHU distributor, JINHU invests in advertising to the world and provides buyers to partners. 

Why JHL Metal roof tiles?

If you are annoyed by your own roof, please consider a metal roof before replacing or repairing it. Curious about why the metal roof is favored by homeowners? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the metal roof arranged by JHL, and I hope you can benefit from it.


Among all the advantages of a metal roof, the service life of materials is the most important for most homeowners when renovating or building a new roof. In fact, the pattern survey shows that 26% of homeowners list longevity as the main reason for investing in metals. Another 22% of homeowners feel that metal roofs are a fashionable choice.


Traditional asphalt shingles are petroleum products and cannot be recycled and reused. The metal roof can achieve a recycling rate of more than 95%, which is very environmentally friendly. Second, the JHL Metal Roof provides a platform for environmentalists to carry out various environmental initiatives, including solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Energy saving

Since the surface of the metal roof is mostly coated with paint, it can reflect most of the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the cost savings for the cooling and heating of the house is very obvious. JHL roofing benefits from the stone coating on the surface, which reflects more ultraviolet rays instead of absorbing them. In the long summer, it can reduce cooling costs by more than 25%.


The current metal roof is different from the previous barn roof. You can choose a variety of materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc, and the color finishes are also varied, and their types are more than asphalt shingles. JHL roof tiles perfectly replicate the appearance of asphalt shingles, wood shake tiles, terracotta tiles, and slate roof tiles.

Initial cost

The initial cost of a metal roof is higher than that of a traditional roof. The initial cost of JHL roof tiles is about US$6-10 (including only the cost of tiles). If you choose a more affordable bituminous roof tile, you may have to pay to replace it multiple times during the entire life cycle of the house. The JHL roof is likely to be the last roof of your house, and a high price means high quality.


Most metal roof tiles can withstand the erosion of hail or rain and snow, but not all metals can. Moreover, some metals cannot withstand people’s stepping on, and normal roof walks will leave dents. Some metals, such as aluminum and copper, are softer in texture and therefore deform more easily than steel. JHL stone-coated steel roofing is stronger than aluminum and copper roofs.


Ordinary metal roof panels can be so loud in a storm that they can be a psychological shadow for some children. The generation of noise requires a flat surface and vibration when impacted, but Jinhu’s metal roof is covered with a layer of stone sand, and the uneven surface can absorb sound and achieve a mute effect.