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Regardless of the style, color, or surface treatment of your current roof, JINHU stone-coated metal roof tiles can further enhance the appearance of your home. Whether you want the appearance of shingles, clay bricks, cedar, or slate, you can choose JINHU, which will highlight the beauty of your home and improve the efficiency of your home.

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Color coated aluminum coil
Color coated aluminum coil
Aluminium composite panel
Aluminum composite panel


JINHU color stone metal roof tile implementation of international standards, strong surface shear performance, scientific lap technology and construction technology, so that it has a stable wind resistance, is a safe building material.


JINHU color stone metal tile surface stone grain and scientific lap technology can effectively reduce and absorb the noise brought by heavy rainfall. The material has good resistance to ice and snow.


JINHU color stone metal tile roof compared with the traditional roof, light weight, can play a role in reducing the burden to the building, so that the building will not be under heavy pressure, so it has a better resistance to strong earthquakes.


JINHU color stone metal tile is an inorganic building material made of aluminized zinc steel plate and colored stone particles. It can effectively resist the impact brought by hail and reduce the damage caused to the roof.


JINHU steel tile is an inorganic material with aluminized zinc steel plate and colored stone grains as one. It has fire-resistant properties, which can reduce the damage caused by natural disasters and prevent them in advance.


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Shandong JINHU Aluminum Group, founded in 2003, is an enterprise group focusing on the production, processing, and sales of color-coated aluminum coil, aluminum composite panels, color-coated stone steel roof tile, and other steel materials as the core business.

To become a JINHU distributor, Jinhu invests in advertising to the world and provides buyers to partners. 

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